Meat Free Monday – summer, week 06


This was my Meat Free Monday supper yesterday and very good it was too. I love Pret a Manger sandwiches. The picture’s a bit blurry as I was travelling at high speed through the English countryside last night and couldn’t hold the camera steady. (It had nothing to do with the glass of wine that’s propping up the crisps, honest!) It was quite late in the day when I bought my supper and Pret were sold out of my favourite vegetarian sandwich, Moroccan falafel and humous so I had to make do with mature cheddar and Pret pickle – no hardship, I can assure you. A couple of weeks ago I had their spring humous and feta granary sandwich which was seriously yummy and a bit less calorific than both the cheddar and pickle and the Moroccan falafel but never mind, I’ll go the low cal route next time (and I suppose I should give the crisps a miss too 😦 ). I don’t normally have a glass of wine with a Pret sandwich either but …….. wine and cheese? Rather a good combination I always think!

I’m looking forward to next week – lots of interesting dishes on the menu for summer week 07 – and no train journeys planned!


I find it difficult to believe its summer – that was the view from the train yesterday!

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2 Responses to Meat Free Monday – summer, week 06

  1. Where were you off too? Anywhere exciting?

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