Meat Free Monday – summer, week 08

I’m sorry to say that last night I was so tired that I sat down in front of the tv and completely forgot to write about my dinner! I had been to the gym – yes, finally I made it over the threshold – and let me tell you, every muscle ached. They still do.

Dinner this week was lovely – it was risotto with artichokes. I’ve never seen fresh globe artichokes locally although that doesn’t mean you can’t get them if you are prepared to travel a little bit …….. but I’m afraid I had too much to do yesterday so I made do with marinated artichokes from a jar. They’re a pretty good substitute. I make risotto on a weekly basis and always use olive oil when I’m sautéing my onion and garlic and I never add butter at the end (those pesky gallstones again 😦 ) but I do add Parmesan. The recipe actually used the garlic to flavour the fresh artichokes but since I was using some from a jar, I just sautéed the garlic and onion together. I didn’t have any dry white vermouth (which the recipe says add at the end) so I added my usual glass of wine to the rice and onion,before adding the hot stock. Because I only had to warm the artichokes rather than cook them, I added them to the risotto a few minutes before the end. I had some fresh flat leaf parsley which I also added to the risotto along with a handful of Parmesan* and served it with some fresh lemon and extra Parmesan. Yummy.


*vegetarian Parmesan

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