Meat Free Monday – summer, week 12

Tonight we had Potato and Gruyère Focaccia (Nick Malgieri) and Warm Halloumi, Apple and Radish Salad followed by Pavlova with Raspberries. The focaccia was really good although I think there may be an error in the instructions. I mixed the yeast liquid (including the oil) with all the flour and salt and then followed the recipe. I think some of the oil is probably supposed to be used to oil the tin and bowl but I’m not sure. No tin size is given. Timings and temperatures were fine. I love making bread and this one would be lovely with soup at lunchtime.


The salad was an interesting combination of halloumi, apple, radishes, little gem lettuce, walnuts and chilli served with a honey mustard dressing. I fried the halloumi dry, it doesn’t really need to be done in oil and I sprinkled the chilli over the salad raw. Very nice, clean tasting salad with a little sweetness coming from the sticky honey mustard dressing.


As its one of our favourite desserts, I made the pavlova. BIG mistake ‘cos I ate a piece too. I really don’t eat cream very often and I suspect I might suffer a little for having done so tonight. 😦 Usually I bake my pavlova in the AGA but it’s off at the moment so I used the regular oven. I think maybe my oven was a wee bit hot or I left it in too long – the outside was a bit crisp and there wasn’t quite so much of the mallowy centre as I would have liked …. still pretty good though.


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2 Responses to Meat Free Monday – summer, week 12

  1. Sarah Allan says:

    Absolutely delicious pavlova! Thankyou very much
    From Kirsty

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