lollipop chops

I haven’t posted anything other than meat free mondays for a while and have been feeling a bit guilty. I cook every night (unless of course I’m out or away from home) I just don’t always get around to taking pics or writing about it. Usually the former. Donna Hay Magazine is one of my favourites. I drool at every picture! This dish was a real find and I’ve done it heaps of times, slightly modified. I’ve called them lollipop chops because when you cut through the beautifully trimmed (not by me!) small rack of lamb, the chops look like lollipops – and you can eat them with your fingers if you like! Once you’ve divided the rack, beat them slightly until they’re a bit thinner then flour, egg and breadcrumb them. The breadcrumbs are flavoured with halloumi, parsley, salt and pepper. And to accompany, a tomato salad and tzatsiki. The tzatsiki I buy (I know, shame on me, but M&S’s is really good) and the dressing for the tomato salad is made with olive oil, lemon juice and lots of parsley. Use some of those really tasty small tomatoes that are around just now and just half them. The lollipops need to be fried sautéed – make sure the pan and oil are nice and hot so that the crumbs are golden but the chops are still pink inside. Yum!


I was also making some wholemeal bread and didn’t think it was going to be ready in time for dinner so I made the focaccia from Meat Free Monday (but without the Gruyere and potato) as well.


It tasted good but I’m going to try making it again and kneading it as the texture didn’t feel quite right. I’ll let you know how it goes. The wholemeal loaf looked fine but I was too full to taste it. All sliced and in the freezer for later. 🙂


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