Meat Free Monday – summer, week 13

This is the last menu of summer – how appropriate that its beginning to feel quite autumnal outside and just for a change (joke!) it’s raining. I was going to begin the day with the banana yoghurt pot – layers of banana and greek yoghurt topped with some honey and granola if you fancy. A couple of Monday’s ago the dessert was nectarine (or it might have been peaches) with Greek yoghurt with chopped pistachios sprinkled over the top. I tried it later in the week and decided that I didn’t like nutty bit. Very personal – its a texture thing. So why did I spoon some granola over my banana and yoghurt – I have no idea – one mouthful and I remembered! So off it came. I also prefer my banana mashed rather than sliced, but that’s just me. In fact, I’d forgotten how yummy a breakfast it is.


Dinner tonight was feta and couscous salad with pomegranate. An absolutely delicious salad! Very simple and not too many ingredients. The only other ingredients were some pistachios, mint and an orangey dressing (to which I also added some lemon juice because my only orange wasn’t very juicy). As it said in the book “the pomegranate seeds pop delightfully when you bite into them”. This would make a great packed lunch.


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