Meat Free Monday – autumn, week 02

Today I’m switching the Meat Free Monday lunch and dinner around and, whilst there is panna cotta on the menu for dessert, you won’t be seeing it here. For me, Monday starts off really well with a visit to the gym in the morning and I feel very virtuous all day – I couldn’t possible slide down the slippery slope with dessert on a Monday night.

Roasted butternut squash and marrow. Although there is no mention of the fact in the name, this dish is actually a salad so felt right for a light lunch. As I couldn’t see any marrows in the shop (and I didn’t look too hard since they’re not my favourite) I used courgette. Both were roasted with thyme – from the garden of course – then layered on a bed of lettuce with some barlotti beans and topped with deliciously crunchy toasted seeds. There should have been spinach in there too but I had lots of lettuce instead. A tangy dressing made with lemon, honey, white wine vinegar, thyme and olive oil drizzled over the top finished the salad nicely.


Rosti with mushrooms – having just eaten it, I should probably have made it for brunch yesterday. The photo in the book makes the dish look much more appetising than mine but heck, it’s too late for another, I’ve eaten it. My thoughts as I ate it were I’d prefer a poached egg on toast. It felt like lots of frying – the onions for the rosti, the rosti themselves and the mushrooms. Five medium potatoes were required – a weight would definitely have been better (because everyone has a different idea of medium) and then you would have a good idea of the size the rosti should be. Mine were too thick and tasted heavy and greasy despite having drained the onions really well. Perhaps I can refer you to Felicity Cloake’s article in The Guardian for a few tips on cooking rosti. Mine were made using cooked waxy potatoes, cooked onion, parsley and seasoning. The mushrooms were tasty and my poached eggs perfect just right. I had two rosti leftover which I’ve split and made very flat in the hope that when we have them tomorrow (in my ‘waste not want not’ world) they’ll taste much better. 🙂


…… and it needed 4 pans!!!!

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