Meat Free Monday – autumn, week 05

Tonight’s dinner was basil thyme and mushroom tart. It should have been basil but I think mushrooms and thyme are so good together. This tart was actually the packed lunch option which I decided to swap with the dinner which I didn’t fancy – penne with broccoli, mascarpone and dolcelatte with a few hazelnuts thrown in – my least favourite nut. And besides, I lIke making pastry. And very good pastry it was too. No soggy bottoms in this house! In fact the whole tart was excellent. I even had seconds! The filling of mushrooms, cream and thyme was divine although I wouldn’t like to do a calorie count. The recipe suggested ceps, wild or button mushrooms but I used a mixture of shiitake and forestière and they worked very well. My pastry was very thin and I had to do a wee bit of patchwork even though I was using a slightly smaller tin than the 24cm used in the book. I’m not sure how the tart would travel in a lunch box but since mine isn’t going anywhere near one, I’m not even the teensiest bit worried. 🙂


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