Meat Free Monday – autumn, week 07

Sorry to be late – again! This week I opted to have the lunch choice but had it for dinner as I was on my own. The dinner, which was tomato, feta and date baklava, feeds 4, so I will save it for another day. Red and yellow pepper salad – really easy. Pop a couple of peppers (one red, one yellow) in the oven until charred and then put them in a bowl covered with cling film for a few minutes. This makes them really easy to peel. The recipe only used half of each one but I l-o-v-e roasted peppers so I just used them both, nicely chopped of course. Make the couscous according to the instructions on the packet and then stir in the peppers along with some vinaigrette and basil. I decided, since it was for my main meal and I was really hungry, to add some goats cheese that was lurking in the fridge. I also added a bit of parsley. I have one day a week when I need a packed lunch and I would be very happy to have this salad – with the cheese of course! And probably a nice thick slice of bread too.


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