Meat Free Thursday?

Better late than never! Finally, last night, I managed to make what should have been Monday’s dinner – Beetroot, red onion and chicory salad! Well done that man who managed to find the chicory! The recipe is from Stella McCartney and it was really good. I didn’t roast the beetroot I’m afraid (I had some already cooked in the fridge) and I used walnuts rather than pecans. The red onions were roasted in the oven with some garlic cloves (still in their skins) and since it was a cold night, I decided to pop the chicory (quartered lengthways) in with them for a few minutes. The dressing was made with walnut oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, roasted garlic squeezed out of it’s skin and some salt and pepper. The nuts were roasted with honey for about 10 minutes until they were all gooey on the outside. The next bit is an assembly job – mix some rocket with the chicory and then layer up the beetroot, pears, roasted red onions and feta. Add a few honey-coated walnuts and either drizzle the dressing over or serve separately. I wasn’t sure how it was going to taste but the flavours complimented one another really well – the bitterness of the chicory alongside the sweet beetroot and pear and a nice bit of tanginess from the feta. I loved the crunch of the honey-coated walnuts! I liked the warm chicory with the edges of the leaves slightly caramelised but this was just my preference on the night.


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