Meat Free Monday – winter, week 03

I’m back-tracking a little bit here to the week before Christmas when I actually made one of the Meat Free Monday meals but didn’t quite get around to writing about it. I made pappardelle with cavolo nero except I used linguine since it was all I had in the cupboard. Cavolo nero (a member of the brassica family) is also know as black kale, Tuscan kale or black leaf cabbage/kale.

This is a very quick meal to make. Put on the pasta and while it’s cooking sauté some finely chopped garlic in a little olive oil and then add the cavolo nero (roughly chopped/stalks removed). Season and add about half a glass of white wine and bubble for 2-3 mins until reduced. Add a couple of tablespoons of crème fraîche (I used half fat and it worked fine) and a couple of tablespoons of freshly grated Parmesan* and heat through. Drain the pasta when its ready and stir into the sauce. Check seasoning and serve with lots of Parmesan*.


I really liked this – interesting textures and because it was very quick. The cavolo Nero leaf is really so lovely! I actually put a little chilli in too, just because I love it.

* vegetarian Parmesan

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2 Responses to Meat Free Monday – winter, week 03

  1. Ooh lovely, I love the dark contrast with the pasta.

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