Meat Free Monday – winter, week 07

Phew! I’m up to date – although I did miss one week over the festive period – sorry. Today I made a Wensleydale and carrot chutney sandwich for my lunch. It reminded me (not sure why) of the carrot and hummus open sandwich I made way back in spring, week 08. Maybe because they both had bread and carrot in them. 🙂 Anyway, I began my meat free monday prep yesterday by soaking some grated carrot overnight in cider vinegar with some ginger and chilli added. Today I added some sugar and water and cooked the mixture until it (and I quote the book) ‘becomes thick’ then put it in a sterilised jar. Done.

Fast forward to lunch. Rather than have a sandwich, I opted for bruschetta. Just as well because if I’d tried to spread the chutney on soft bread there would have been large holes I think. The chutney was very thick and very sticky but very tasty once it was on my bruschetta! I spread it on my bruschetta over a little Greek yoghurt (instead of butter), then layered some lovely crumbly Wensleydale cheese and rocket over the top. Mmmm, pretty tasty.


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2 Responses to Meat Free Monday – winter, week 07

  1. I like the sound of the carrot chutney very much and that sandwich sounds delicious with the yoghurt instead of butter, the wednesleydale and the rocket.

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