Meat Free Monday – winter, week 09

Our dinner tonight was spiced wholewheat couscous with sweet potatoes and pistachios – a lovely recipe from Stella McCartney. I’m afraid I couldn’t get giant wholewheat couscous – and I did try – so I just had to use the regular one that I already had in the cupboard. I scrubbed the three small sweet potatoes and divided each one into 6 pieces, as per the recipe. I used only one tablespoon of olive oil (rather than 2) to coat the sweet potato wedges and roasted them for about half an hour, and I even remembered to add the pumpkin seeds for five minutes before the sweet potatoes were finished!

Meanwhile, I prepared the couscous, which only took a few minutes. When it was ready I stirred in the chopped pistachios, raisins, za’tar, chopped coriander, mint and parsley. Then I drizzled the lemon juice and olive oil over the sweet potato wedges and before stirring them into the couscous. Serve with wedges of lemon. Delicious! And I’m very happy knowing there’s some left for my lunch tomorrow.


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