Meat Free Monday – winter, week 12

Yesterday I made the packed lunch (not that I was going anywhere) which was a lovely recipe by Allegra McEvedy. I have a couple of her books – I like her flavour combinations and this salad was no exception. There were blood oranges, avocado, butter beans, carrot, watercress and some mint, with a dressing made from the juice of the oranges, red wine vinegar and olive oil – extra virgin, of course – yum, yum! Even with a horrible cold and my nose all blocked, I could still taste all the flavours – amazing! I would definitely make this again. It’s very much my kind of lunch. Or supper. I’d even eat it for breakfast!


Way back, when I was thinking of working my way through the year of Mondays I made the week 12 dinner, which was a sweet potato jalfrezi. I made a few notes at the time – ‘very good, but I prefer it without the mango as the sweet potato makes it sweet enough’. I made mango in lime syrup for dessert – not on the menu, but particularly good. I even remembered to take a photo of the jalfrezi (and not erase it!).


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