Meat Free Monday – winter, week 13

Well, I can’t believe it – I’m at the last menu in the Meat Free Monday cookbook but I will very definitely be continuing to have meat free Mondays. In fact, a funny thing has happened – my week seems to have almost done a complete turnaround! Now I only eat meat (or fish) on one or two nights. There are still plenty recipes in the book for me to try and I will write about them when I do. You’ve probably noticed that I didn’t make many of the desserts. I’m afraid I don’t have a very sweet tooth although I did in a rash moment resolve this year to make more desserts so maybe a few of the Meat Free Monday ones will appear at a later date.

From today’s monday menu I chose the packed lunch option but ate it for dinner. It was roasted veg and giant wholewheat couscous salad – beautiful sweet roasted red peppers red, yellow and orange peppers, sticky roasted onions and marinated artichoke hearts mixed through some (not giant) couscous and dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The onions were supposed to be thinly sliced and grilled but I decided to roast the half red onion that was lurking – quartered, as it was a big one! And as it was for dinner rather than lunch, I had a nice slice of feta alongside. And very good it was too – the sweetness of the peppers was complimented by the saltiness of the feta (even though it wasn’t in the recipe 😃).


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