Meat Free Monday – festive rice salad

Did you think I’d given up? To be honest, without checking the date of my last post, I can’t remember the last I wrote anything. Oooops! Sometimes life is just too busy but I have still been having meat free Mondays. 😃 And I promised more desserts ………. well, there have been a few – I just need to get pen to paper, so to speak.

I did have a wee holiday in the Cotswolds last month which was delightful but very chilly. It was the week of all the snow and very low temperatures but it is such a lovely area to visit with all it’s picture postcard villages and quaint pubs serving some excellent grub! Graeme took a lovely spring picture in the garden of the cottage we were renting so I thought I’d share it with you.


I began to write this post at the beginning of April, would you believe, when I had just made and eaten the most delicious salad for meat free monday – festive rice salad with pomegranate and mint. The recipe is by Trudy who writes the blog Veggie num num. It was one of the best salads I’ve had in ages along with her grilled mushrooms with pine nut and apple burghul salad. Both exceedingly nummy!


The only picture I can find for the grilled mushrooms is of one lonely (leftover) mushroom with the salad which I had for my packed lunch …….


……… I had no doubt eaten the others before remembering that I should have taken a picture! I ate it the first time with warm mushrooms but it was equally good cold. I hope you give them a try.

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4 Responses to Meat Free Monday – festive rice salad

  1. Well, you are so much better at updating your blog than I am and sometimes life takes over. Looking forward to the desserts if you find the time.

    • My WordPress app has been playing up lately so I haven’t been doing as much as I should have been and, as you say, sometimes life takes over. I will try and do the desserts ….. Soon! 😊

  2. Life is still keeping you busy I see. x

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