back to school

Relax, I’m not really back to school – it just feels a bit like it with all the arithmetic I was doing to work out the calories in my salad for you. Beetroot. You either love it or hate it. No prizes for guessing which side I’m on – I love it. It’s also very good for you but then so are most vegetables. I’ve had this beetroot and red onion salad recently on some of my ‘MM’ days (as I call them) and I’ve really enjoyed it. Michael Mosley feels like my new best friend even though we’ve never met. I’m sure everyone who is following his words of wisdom feels the same. Where would we have been without him? In my case, fatter for sure.

On my MM days I like to eat something that really hits the spot or I feel cheated. Actually, I feel like that about every meal I eat. I also like to have my meal already prepared (or ready to assemble quickly) for my MM day – just in case I come in the front door ready to eat the table! My husband is not accompanying me on this journey so I also like to give him something easy and often something that isn’t a favourite of mine. A bit selfish? Probably. So, sitting in the fridge, already prepared for tonight is my salad. It needs very few ingredients – beetroot, a red onion, balsamic vinegar, fresh parsley and some salt and pepper. I buy the vacuum-packed cooked beetroot – I’ve seen what a mess cooking beetroot can make! Chop the beetroot into cubes whatever size you like (although smaller ones seem to take a bit longer to eat 😃) and same for the onion and put it in a bowl with the balsamic vinegar. Chop a handful of parsley and add it too, along with seasoning to taste. That’s it. You’re done.

Now, a little word about the numbers ……….

beetroot (300g): 114 (100g = 38 calories)
red onion (80g): 30 (100g = 38 calories)
parsley (handful): 4 (1 tblspn chopped = 1)
balsamic vinegar: 36!!!! how many???? (well, 35.5 per 10ml to be precise)

I confess I got a bit of a shock here. I use Belazu balsamic vinegar which is a whopping 355 calories per 100g! BUT, I only use 10ml and make it up to 40ml with cold water because it is so thick. Phew. Just as well I checked the Belazu website. You can adjust the number (hopefully downwards!) for whatever brand you use.

So the total is (pause for a bit of mental arithmetic ……. ) 184. This would certainly split 4 ways (46 calories a portion) and that would leave plenty calories for salad leaves, cucumber, tomatoes and a little bit of feta cheese (approx 85 calories per 30g) in there would just be perfect! You need no dressing because it’s already in the beetroot!


Well, I’m off to eat. I hope there are no errors in my arithmetic. If there are, I put it down to lack of food. 😄

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2 Responses to back to school

  1. I adore beetroot. Mr OC hates it. This salad would suit me very well for a lunch on my own.

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