arctic roll and frozen peas

……. not a combination I would recommend but this was about all my mother kept in the freezer when I was young – and, of course, ice for her gin and bitter lemon! I’m sure over the years she had other things in there but the arctic roll and the frozen peas are what I remember. Is there a point to this I hear you ask. Of course there is! Last weekend I was down in The Lake District over night and on the menu I spotted arctic roll! Lovely restaurant so it wasn’t quite à la Mr Birds Eye (at least I was hoping it wasn’t). In fact, it was tiny arctic rolls with coffee and prune ice cream in the centre. Very nice but I found myself wishing it had been a bigger slice. Greed or nostalgia? Who knows but when I got home I found myself pondering variations of arctic roll (and not a frozen pea in sight you’ll be pleased to know). I decided on chocolate Swiss roll, cherry jam and coffee ice cream and on Saturday, set about making it.

The chocolate Swiss roll turned out beautifully but was a little thick so I split it in two and spread the jam on one piece. We had been doing some technical work on the freezer as it had been icing up and so when I turned my (homemade) coffee ice cream out on the sponge – OMG! Melty ice cream going everywhere and I tried to catch it with the sponge which promptly broke up! Disaster! I scooped up as much of the ice cream as I could and got some of the cherry jam with it and popped it back in the freezer. So, pudding on Saturday was not quite what we expected but at least I knew the coffee and cherry combination was delicious!

Sunday. Round 2. The mould I’d used for the ice cream yesterday was a vintage meat roll jar so, in good old Blue Peter fashion, today I made one out of a plastic San Pellegrino water bottle!! I lined it with cling film, taped it together and filled it with ice cream. Then I crossed my fingers that it would freeze this time.


Success! Looks pretty good and it tasted pretty good too. Just as well after all that effort. Although I only got four portions out of my San Pellegrino bottle mould …….. if I was interested in making a bigger one next time, I just happen to have a few more bottles in my cupboard!

ps I can’t believe it! I just opened my new delicious. magazine and what do I find? An arctic roll recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall! Similar but with bought vanilla ice cream. I bet he didn’t have as much stress fun as I did making it! 😊

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6 Responses to arctic roll and frozen peas

  1. christine ward says:

    Memory Lane! Can’t wait to taste your Arctic Roll – it sounds amazing. C xx

  2. Ooh I do love an arctic roll, and the combo of coffee and cherry sounds fantastic.

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