out with the old

On Hogmanay I was clearing out all the food that we should have eaten over Christmas and didn’t – thankfully there wasn’t much as I hate waste. One of the items I had leftover was half a loaf of sliced white bread bought specially for roast beef sandwiches on Boxing Day (no turkey dinner in our house). I didn’t want to put it in the freezer because I knew it would lurk at the bottom until this time next year but then I had a lightbulb moment – Melba toast! When I was young and my parents took us (my sister and I) out for dinner occasionally (we had, of course, to be on our best behaviour – seen and not heard, etc, etc, etc) and the first thing to be put on the dinner table was Melba toast! It never lasted until the starters arrived and we always had to ask for more. I don’t remember what we ate on any of these occasions apart from the Melba toast. Oops, I lie. An image just popped into my head. Russian salad. Did I eat it or did I just look at it? Can’t remember – the image in my head doesn’t look very appetising so I hope it’s the latter.

My husband thought Melba toast was just thin toast until I informed him otherwise (politely, of course). And just in case you don’t know – here’s what to do:

Toast a slice of white bread and then slice it horizontally through the middle, taking special care not to slice your fingers.


Then you have to put the untoasted side face down on the wooden board and press it with your fingers in circular movements. This will get rid of the excess dough. Depending on how refined you want to be, you can at this point take off the crusts and cut the slices in half to make triangles. Next, pop it under a preheated grill untoasted side up and don’t take your eyes off it for a second or it could end up a charred mess! And no, for once I’m not talking from experience.


It’s delicious with pâté of any kind. Or even just butter.

Happy 2014 everyone 😀

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