feast or famine

Everyone likes a feast and I’ve been quite enjoying the famine on my Michael Mosley days but actually I was thinking I’ve had a long spell without writing. Well, here we are – twice in one week!

Last year the time came for our poor old garage to come down – probably before it fell down! It didn’t often have a car in it either – just a big store cupboard really. We debated long and hard about what was going to go in its place. Graeme wanted a shed and I wanted a greenhouse. So, we compromised and this is what we have in place of the garage ….


Now we’re both very happy although I’ve been busy in the house and haven’t managed to spend much time in my lovely greenhouse. Luckily for me, Graeme has been busy outside. Or is it inside? Got it! Outside in the greenhouse! We’re trying growing tomatoes, rocket, chillies, sunflowers and courgettes. Like any other gardeners, we’re hopeful!


In the top picture are some of the chillies and below, I’m sure you recognise the tomato plants!


On the left of the picture above are the sunflowers and on the right is the rocket having a spell in the sunshine. I’m telling you this in case, like me, you could be looking at anything!  Apart from tomatoes, I know what they look like because my parents had a greenhouse and I can remember the smell of the tomatoes like it was yesterday.  I’m afraid I have no picture of the courgettes yet as nothing has appeared. Like I said, I’m hopeful.

As they grow (fingers and toes crossed 😀) I’m looking forward to keeping you updated.

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