Stuff. Nearly all of us have too much of it. When I said earlier in the week in had been busy inside, I’ve actually been trying to declutter! So, when I picked up the current edition of Stylist magazine, Lucy Mangan’s column ‘Lucy Mangan Is… Outspoken’ entitled “If it’s not beautiful or useful, get rid of it” really hit home. I’m afraid I’m too much of an Aberdonian (we have a reputation for being tight with our money I believe 😀) to pay for all of my stuff junk to be stored so I really am trying very hard to get rid of what I neither need nor use. Graeme is “Mr Tidy” and I’m afraid to say I’m a bit of a hoarder. “Mr Tidy” would say this is the understatement of the year century. He will be ecstatic when this (monumental) task is complete. Sadly it doesn’t happen overnight. The small mountain of clothing waiting to be sold on eBay. The pile of recipes cut from magazines/newspapers. These will, of course, require to be sifted through just in case there’s a wee gem lurking there. Cookbooks. Well, I know I have too many and no, I’m not going to count them. Some of them will have to go to make room for some new ones. One book out = one book in. Oh but which ones …? So there you have it. When I’m not cooking, you know what I’ll be doing.

And if you’ve never picked up a copy of Stylist you definitely should. Lucy Mangan’s column is always worth reading and I like to see what I could (that might be should) be buying/reading/wearing/eating. Which of course means more stuff.

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