on a roll…

On Saturdays I tend to have a little more time to spend preparing lunch and today was no exception. I made lovely little aubergine rolls inspired by a recipe in the BBC GoodFood Vegetarian Summer magazine. The rolls are made up of long slices of aubergine and courgette, ricotta cheese, pesto and rocket.

First of all chargrill one slice of aubergine and two slices of courgette per roll. Try not to make your slices too thick or they’ll be difficult to roll.  I like to brush them with as little olive oil as possible – aubergines will suck up as much oil as you care to give them but I think this would would make the rolls quite heavy.  Once the slices are cool, spread some ricotta on the slice of aubergine and season. Next come the two long slices of courgette followed by a drizzle of pesto. It just so happens that I have in my possession some delicious Trotter’s Wild Garlic Pesto bought from my favourite cheese shop George Mewes so that’s what I used. Wild garlic is in season at the moment and I remember we used it to make pesto at Ballymaloe. OK, now you’re ready to roll! Just take a small handful of rocket and lay it on the fat end of the aubergine then roll. That’s it – you’re done!


Whilst it was good, I felt there was something missing. Perhaps there will be a little sun blush tomato tucked in the centre next time. Or even a home roasted one if when our tomato plants start producing!

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2 Responses to on a roll…

  1. Lynda Finnie says:

    Well done! Enjoying your blog very much!

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