National Vegetarian Week

Given that it’s National Vegetarian Week (19-25 May) I thought it would be a good time to give you an update on my Graeme’s our veggies in the greenhouse.


These are the courgette plants.  In pots where there was nothing there is life!  It’s really quite exciting.  We do seem to have rather a lot of them.  Ah well, they’re still young and have a long way to go ……


Graeme decided to transfer the tomato plants from the bags into pots after lots of research and they’re looking quite happy at the moment.

I made the aubergine rolls (from last post ‘on a roll’) again today but changed things a little.  The same chargrilled aubergine and courgette slices but I added some lemon zest, shredded basil and seasoning to the ricotta.  I also put a bit more of the cheese mixture on the aubergine.  We’d finished the wild garlic pesto so I drizzled some basil pesto on the courgettes.  These rolls really do need a nugget of something sweet in the middle … a couple of wedges of sun blush tomatoes tucked in with the rocket did the trick.  These were better that the last ones.  Much better.  Of course, it just might have been the delicious home grown rocket that made them taste so good.




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