you say tomato

There really isn’t any hurrying of nature. Everything grows at it’s own pace – well it does in our garden anyway! Whilst we’ve had lots of delicious courgettes, we’ve had no more strawberries. BUT…. the tomatoes are turning red! Yippee! Some of the larger varieties are still very green so I’m keeping any recipes I find using green tomatoes, just in case.


They’re very flavourful but not as sweet as they might be – not enough heat in the greenhouse ‘the gardener’ tells me but they’re excellent in his cheese and tomato sandwich!

We also have some chillies growing. The apache ones are the furthest on and I’m hoping I’ll be able to try some quite soon. I’m not sure how hot they’re going to be although the name makes me think they may be quite hot. I’ll let you know.


I just went out to the greenhouse to see how everything was coming along and had to share this picture with you …


… it’s enormous!

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2 Responses to you say tomato

  1. Christine Ward says:

    The tomatoes look great!

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