feed a cold …

… and I have, I have! My mother always used to say ‘feed a cold and starve a fever’ so I’ve been doing just that. I’m sure she’d be proud of me doing what I was told for once (I never used to, trust me!). I’ve been baking bread and the odd cake or two this month – well, what else is January for – but lately there have been frequent journeys of bread and cake right into my mouth! How did that happen? Usually I can have just a wee taste then pass them by. I blame my cold – again! This cold has a lot to answer for. Next year I think I might hibernate.

How to Make Bread by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is a book I’ve had on my shelf for ages. I have read it. Emmanuel Hadjiandreou makes bread in a slightly different way to the way I’ve been used to. The ‘kneading’ is not the workout it usually feels like for me – it’s more like folding. Could this possibly work?  I decided the time had come to give it a whirl. There are step-by-step pictures so impossible to go wrong. Hopefully.


The first recipe in the book is for a small loaf with three flour options – white, malthouse and wholemeal.  The top picture is of the white loaf (first attempt) which was really good in texture and taste.  The second picture is of the malthouse loaf but I ran out of the granary-style flour so I made up the quantity with strong white flour.  I also doubled the quantity because I wanted a larger slice of bread.  Yes, I know, greedy.  I had already made the small size loaf which turned out perfectly, just like this one did!  Do I sound surprised?  You bet! I’ve never had such success with bread before!  And whilst I’m sure I could do with the workout, I’ve never made bread so regularly. This book hasn’t moved back to the shelf and what’s more, it isn’t going to either!

Emmanuel Hadjiandreou – thank you!

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