three day event

If anyone is here expecting to read anything of an equestrian nature you will be disappointed. Neigh Nay, what I am talking about here is making sourdough bread. Ballymaloe was the last time I made sourdough – not exactly yesterday! I am turning to Emmanuel Hadjiandreou once again and making a basic white sourdough. Two weeks ago I made the ferment. This is a combination of flour and water which you mix together over five days in a jar which you then seal and leave at room temperature. Once this has been completed you can use what you need to make the starter and refrigerate what’s left in the jar for another day.

Last Wednesday (day 1) I decided I would like to make sourdough bread for the weekend. Out came the jar from the fridge. I added some more flour and water to the jar, resealed it and left it overnight by the side of the AGA. Next day (day 2) I took a spoonful of the ferment, added it to a bowl along with some more flour and water, covered it with some cling wrap and left it at room temperature. Are you following this??


The top picture is the ferment (lunchtime day 2) before I mix it with more flour and water to make the starter.  The other two pictures are of the starter at different stages – evening of day 2 and lunchtime day 3 – you can see the increase in activity quite clearly. Now it’s ready to make the bread. Very similar process to the regular bread I’ve already made except you need a basket, generously dusted with flour, to prove it in. And it takes a bit longer to prove – 3 to 6 hours.


the top picture was when I first put the dough in the basket and the second picture is a few hours later.

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for …


The finished bread!  I think it looks amazing! And even though I say it myself, it tasted pretty amazing too.


This was actually my second sourdough. The first one was just as good and didn’t last long but I got caught out with the timings.  I was due to be out for the day when it was due to be ready to bake. I put it into the fridge for the afternoon and crossed my fingers. When I came home in the evening I put it back in the kitchen and by bedtime it still wasn’t ready to bake. Help! I moved it away from the AGA and left it overnight. When I woke up in the middle of the night (2am to be precise) I tiptoed downstairs to check on my sourdough! Can you believe it! I was worried about my bread! I shouldn’t have been, it was fine. It was ready to bake when I got up a bit later and tasted absolutely delicious! 😊

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2 Responses to three day event

  1. Ha, I can’t believe you were worried about your bread at 2am. Actually I can, as I have been guilty of the same. The sourdough looks lovely and the starter very active. Enjoy!

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