black garlic

Black garlic? I had never heard of it until I read Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi (another of the books from the pile on my kitchen table). My black garlic arrived in my order from the online shop at Ottolenghi. It is also available from Amazon. So, what did I make with it? Aubergine with black garlic. I’m cheating a bit here as I actually made this at the tail end of last year and didn’t write about it. Pity because it is sooo scrumptious and all this time you could have been making eating it too!  And I will be eating it again this weekend!  I was doing a bit of advance menu planning today which is what brought it to mind and luckily I’d taken a photo of the finished dish!

The aubergines are sliced and baked and allowed to cool. The sauce is whizzed in the food processor and contains black garlic, yoghurt, oil and seasoning. The black garlic gives the sauce an amazing depth of flavour. The dish also has great texture in the form of crispy garlic and chilli and softness from a variety of fresh herbs scattered over before serving.


Doesn’t that look good? I’ll say it does!

ps – I just realised that I didn’t tell you anything about black garlic or show you what the garlic looks like. Ooops. It starts off like regular garlic and after some gently heating over a period of time ends up looking like this:


It has no additives and is full of antioxidants. Apparently no garlic breath after eating it either! 😀

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