another day, another cauli

Over the winter I have soup for lunch most days.  I like make a few different soups and freeze them so that I don’t get bored having the same one every day.  Last week I made cauliflower and almond which is really so easy and tasty.  All you need is a cauliflower, an onion, vegetable stock and some almonds.  You can even use ground almonds if it’s all you have but they give a slightly different texture.  Begin by sweating the onion in a little oil (or butter) until it’s soft but not coloured then add the chopped cauliflower – don’t forget to include the stalk – almonds and enough vegetable stock to cover.  I don’t weigh the almonds, a handful is probably enough.  Obviously if you have a very large cauliflower you might want to add a few more.  All that’s left to do is bring the soup to the boil then simmer until the cauliflower is tender, adjust the seasoning and blitz (stick blender, food processor – whatever you have).  Voilà!  Lunch is ready! 

And some homemade bread too!  Yum! 

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