cheese on toast

On a Saturdays  the guardian has a cook section which is currently running our ten best … recipes.  Last month one of the recipes featured in our 10 best blue cheese recipes  caught my eye and although its called cheese on toast, it’s a little bit more than that really. Bruschetta with Stichelton, purple sprouting broccoli and capers is what it is (recipe supplied by Damian Climsby, Petersham Nurseries).  I have to tell you I love cheese.  No, it’s more than that – I adore cheese!  But it has to be good cheese.  The best cheese.  The kind you buy from a specialist cheese shop like George Mewes where you just step in the door, take a deep breath and you’re in cheese heaven!  Apologies, I digress a little but cheese is the reason.  The Stichelton cheese is made from raw milk on a farm in Nottinghamshire and is stocked by George Mewes but having bought my cheese, Stilton, before reading the newspaper, I just had to make do.  This was no hardship I can assure you, Stilton is equally delicious!  

I toasted my ‘Levain de Campagne’ bread – a French-style sourdough made with white, wholemeal and rye flour (from my book by Emmanuel Hadjandreou) for the bruschetta and crumbled the Stilton over it.  (Actually I kind of spread it over the toast thinking that when the time came to eat, my Stilton might all fall off and this would definitely not be good!). The recipe called for the purple sprouting broccoli to be roasted but alas mine was in the pot with some water before I realised.  Oops.  (Note to self: read recipe fully before beginning to cook!)  Place the broccoli artistically on top of the cheese and scatter some lovely capers over the top and there you have the most delicious lunch, supper, whatever!  Just enjoy!

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4 Responses to cheese on toast

  1. susied123 says:

    Will be making this on my hols in a week’s time- thanks Caroline!

  2. It does look delicious. We have some lovely purple sprouting in the garden. I might swap the stilton with goats cheese though as I adore the stuff.

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