you shall have a fishy in your little dishy

Or rather, in my case, a bit of a fishy.  We’ve been eating more fish in our house recently and I’ve been trying to ring the changes so we’re not eating the same things all the time although we have had this dishy quite often recently.  I was going through my food cupboard (my yearly clear out) and found I had rather a lot of tinned beans.  (Well within their ‘best before’ dates too, I may add!).  I used them to make a delicious bean, spinach and tomato stew and served it with a portion of roasted halibut.  

What you need – for 2.

Olive oil, garlic – crushed, tin of beans (cannellini was my choice but only because I’d obviously thought we were going to have a long, hard winter when I couldn’t get to the shops!!), bag of spinach, 2-3 decent sized tomatoes, a lemon or two, fresh basil and some salt and pepper – also 2 fillets of fish

Heat some olive oil in a pan, add the crushed garlic and cook gently without browning.  Skin and deseed the tomatoes then chop into smallish squares before adding to the pan containing the garlic. Cook the spinach separately, drain well and set aside.  Drain the beans, rinse them and put them in with the tomatoes.  Add the spinach when it’s almost time to serve, along with some fresh basil. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over and season to taste.  Serve with the fish of your choice.

I don’t think the bean stew needs to be boiling hot – just nicely warmed through. This dish can be made with your favourite beans (preferably not the ones in tomato sauce) and your favourite fish.  You can roast it, steam it, pan fry it.  You choose.  This is a really quick and tasty supper, suitable for any night of the week.  

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