mes vacances

No prizes for guessing where I’ve been on holiday this year but it really was the holiday with a difference ….

then ... and now

then … and now

Unfortunately I slipped walking down a very steep hill on the second day of our holiday in the south of France and broke a bone in my foot!!  My 5th metatarsal to be precise.  It was a very relaxing holiday for me but I’m afraid I can’t quite say the same for Graeme as he had to do the shopping, the cooking, the dishes and make sure I had everything I needed.  You know – water, sunscreen, book, sunglasses, phone … and the list goes on!  Let me tell you using crutches is not easy – only essential journeys were undertaken.  And whilst I was unable to swim in our lovely pool I was able to lounge about and enjoy the sunshine which was fantastic. Now I’m home the cast is off and I have the very sexy black boot which you see here (I feel sure it will be the “it” boot this season!).   I’m also able to get around without the crutches which makes a huge difference.  It’s not until you do something like this that you realise just how incapacitating it is.

I can’t remember the last time I went so long without cooking and so I really enjoyed making the simplest tomato sauce for pasta this week.  Back in the swing just as my our first courgettes are ready to pick.

round squash - perfect for stuffing

round squash – perfect for stuffing

These round yellow squash are a new variety for us – I thought they’d be good stuffed so hopefully they’ll be big enough soon.  Tonight we’re having regular green courgettes and I know they’re going to be delicious not to mention seasonal and very, very local.


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2 Responses to mes vacances

  1. susied123 says:

    Poor you Caroline- what a shame and right at the start of your holiday! Well done Graeme for stepping up! X

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