manãna, manãna

I’m afraid to say that the words ‘manãna, manãna’ seem to have featured rather a lot in my life lately.  I know that while I have been resting my sore foot I should have been writing heaps but I just kept putting it off. And now here we are in November!  My foot is almost back to normal thankfully but wasn’t helped by my accidentally running on it at about week 9 of recovery.  How does one run accidentally?  Ah well, engrossed in my book on the train, I suddenly realised I was at my stop and, completely forgetting I had a sore foot (no crutches, no boot), ran to the door.  Oops.  Silly me.  Hence my rather delayed recovery.

Today I decided to try a new soup – a recipe from Elly Pear which I tore out of an InStyle magazine recently. Elly Pear (real name Elly Curshen) of the Pear Cafe in Bristol is InStyle’s food writer.  I didn’t make this butternut and cannellini bean soup for any Halloween celebrations, I just made it because the recipe sounded really good.  And it was!  There was smoked salt, sweet smoked paprika, bay, chilli and cumin to spice it up.  And it did!  I had a whole dried chipotle chilli which I blitzed in the spice grinder to get flakes.  Mmmm.  Powder more like.  Suffice to say it was fairly hot!  I added some extra squash and this reduced the heat.  I served it with some Greek yoghurt (0% fat) and some toasted pumpkin seeds as I didn’t want (or need) the calories of mascarpone!

delicious 'warming' soup for a chilly autumn day

delicious ‘warming’ soup for a chilly autumn day

I confess I noticed on the outside of the chilli pack it said hot, hot, hot.  I should have been paying attention!  Mmm.  I do believe chilli raises the metabolism.  Yes!  Every cloud etc, etc.


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2 Responses to manãna, manãna

  1. Yikes to running accidentally, but glad to hear that your foot is on the mend.

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