a Nopi favourite

I have a copy of the Nopi cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully which has been read cover to cover but until today, I hadn’t actually made anything from it.  I know, naughty me!  Well, I managed to get some burrata (think mozzarella but more creamy!) and it is the season for blood oranges so I thought I’d try ‘burrata with blood orange, coriander seeds and lavender oil’.

This is a very simple dish really but it is the combination of flavours that just lifts it to another realm.  I feel sure that Nopi must be supplied with smaller balls of burrata than the one I purchased, because mine was far too much for one! Even a greedy one like me!  The oranges are sliced horizontally rather than segmented and placed on the plate with the burrata.  The dressing – made from olive oil, honey, garlic, corianders seeds and salt – is then drizzled over the cheese.  Scatter some basil over the top and you’re done.  It looks beautiful!

I’m sure you’ve noticed something missing in my version … yep, the lavender.  I’m afraid I didn’t have any and not sure how keen I am to eat it as I’m not keen on lavender scented body products.  That said, now I’ve tasted the dish, I might give it a whirl next time.  I left the burrito whole for the photo but when I cut into it to save some for lunch tomorrow, it oozed its creamy middle all over the plate!  I don’t know how but I did still manage to restrain myself and just eat half!  I can understand why customers go to Nopi just for this!

roll on tomorrow for the leftovers ...

roll on tomorrow for the leftovers …


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