padrón peppers

A couple of weeks ago in the guardian’s Saturday Magazine, Yotam Ottolenghi gave us a recipe using padrón peppers.  I have eaten these in Tenerife but not cooked like this!  Fast forward a week or so to when I was looking for inspiration in Waitrose’ vegetable aisle (as you do) and I spotted some padrón peppers!  I’ve never seen them locally before so I immediately looked up the recipe and bought what I needed.

All you need to do is grill the peppers – washed, of course – then mix with the delicious dressing.  Just remember – don’t not take your eyes off them when they’re under the grill or they will be burnt to a cinder!  We had them alongside some roasted sea bass but as a nibble they would be just perfect.

Like all things Ottolenghi, these were amazing!

just a wee nibble

just a wee nibble

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