lamb koftas

I feel like the whole of January and some of February I was full of the miseries of not just one, but two colds! So I’m not going to say happy new year at this point because here we are in March and, frankly, it would just be embarrassing!  So, while I was lying on the sofa, nicely tucked up with my blanket to keep me and my cold cosy, I put on an episode of Saturday Kitchen.  I fully expected to have a nice snooze but Tonia Buxton kept me awake making her lamb koftas with a spicy tahini dip!

They are really easy to make and I have now made them twice.  The first time I overcooked them – I followed Tonia’s timings but baked them in the Aga, so I only have myself to blame for not checking them earlier!  They were only a little bit overdone – thankfully!  Second time around, they were perfectly cooked.  The dip was delicious but very garlicky so I reduced the number of cloves from four to one and also felt that it didn’t require the juice from two lemons, one was plenty.  It’s a really good dish to have if you’re trying to avoid bread as they’re served in lovely little gem lettuce leaves.  We also had roasted sweet potato as there was some leftover from making the koftas.  (Actually my sweet potato was enormous!)  They also freeze beautifully and defrost fairly quickly, which is useful to know.

I also have a point to note from making/freezing the lamb sausage rolls in my previous post.  The first time I made them I cooked them then froze them and consequently when I defrosted/reheated them, they were a little dry.  The second time I made them I froze them raw.  This is definitely the way to go as they turned out brilliantly and were not dried out in the slightest.  I hope you give the sausage rolls or the koftas – or both – a try, as they’re both very tasty. 

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3 Responses to lamb koftas

  1. LAW says:

    What a good idea – freeze raw. Thanks for doing the hard work before suggesting this top tip 🙂

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