stir-up Sunday

Well, I’m gob-smacked! I’m ahead of the game!  I’ve just checked when stir-up Sunday is this year and lo and behold, it’s next weekend!  But actually today is Saturday not Sunday – oops!  While I was checking when stir-up Sunday was, I discovered to few facts about the Christmas pudding courtesy of Good Housekeeping.  Christmas pudding would traditionally have 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his disciples but since I never knew this, did mine? (Or rather did the top secret family recipe that I use?) Well, you know what? It does! As for the stirring of the pudding by each member of the family?  Well, I’m afraid there’s only the two of us here today so we had a lovely moment of togetherness while we stirred the pud….. ❤️

Now it’s steaming merrily away and I’m so happy that for once, I’m not having a meltdown because I’m so behind with everything (although I seem to get there in the end).  I do garnish with holly but the birds have long since eaten the berries so their toxicity doesn’t pose a problem for us.  

As for the tradition of adding coins/charms – I don’t.  This might lead to major claims for dental repairs! 😉

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4 Responses to stir-up Sunday

  1. Les! says:

    Looking good!😋 I can only see Graeme s thumb nail!!

  2. LAW says:

    I am sure it will taste a lot nicer than Heston’s version! X


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