the joy of socks

Firstly I should tell you this is one of those non-food posts which pop up every now and then on my blog.  I follow (and love) the blog En Brogue written by fashion editor Hannah Rochell.  If you haven’t gathered by the title, it’s all about shoes.  Flat ones.  And she’s written a book about them too.  I always read with envy as I too love shoes and more often than not these days can be found wearing my ‘flatties’.  I do own heels but they don’t come out of their boxes very much.  The reason I’m telling you all this is because this week she’s written a post about socks, which I also happen to love.  (In fact, I was going to write about my Christmas socks but the time came and went and it doesn’t feel quite right now it’s March!)

I’m going to sidestep a little and tell you I’m reading a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo because sadly I’m not one of the tidiest of people on the planet but I’d like to be. Loads of very useful information in the book including a section about how to store socks.  No turning them inside out in a pair.  Folding is the thing to do.  Mmmmm.  I suspect this might entail ironing them.  This might be a step too far but I’m always open to new ideas.  So when Hannah’s most recent post dropped into my mailbox I thought there might just be something to this sock folding lark.  Fast forward to today …



I am truly impressed.  Not only can I see all my socks at a glance, I no longer have  to wade through a double layer of them – real timesaver when I’m trying to co-ordinate myself in the morning!  I took the opportunity to have a bit of a clear out too.  I confess I haven’t quite finished Marie Kondo’s book (hence the untidy sock drawer) but fully intend will try to follow her method to ensure I become a much tidier person.  And just so you know, I didn’t have to iron them.  Phew!



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