Meat Free Monday – winter, week 06

Hooray! We’re now working on 2013’s cooking! Last week I made the cauliflower korma for lunch and then the vegetable and tofu stir-fry with soba noodles for dinner.

The cauliflower korma made a lovely lunch. I just had it on its own – no rice or bread (how good am I!). The recipe used regular medium hot curry powder so it was very quick to make and the veg were cooked then added to the curry sauce which was made with ground brazil nuts and coconut cream. I only had one courgette – not two, a small cauliflower and didn’t weigh the broccoli but I think the quantity was just about right for 4 (or three very hungry people or even one very hungry person three times!). In addition to the veg, there were some whole brazil nuts in this curry.


This was the first time I’d cooked and eaten soba noodles and I have to say, when I first tasted them, I thought they were quite bitter but once they had sesame oil and soy sauce over them they tasted not dissimilar to egg noodles. The firm tofu was dipped in rice flour and then fried. This gave it a lovely crisp, golden coating which was delicious. I stir-fried shiitake mushrooms, baby corn, sugar snap peas, tender stem broccoli and beansprouts then stirred in the tofu and soba noodles.


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